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Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Boston Partnership and Shareholder Dispute Attorneys

Sweder & Ross LLP

At Sweder & Ross, we have been particularly successful in representing clients in shareholder and partnership disputes. These disputes sometimes involve issues, concerns and emotions which transcend solely business interests. We understand and champion such concerns in a way which has made such clients steadfast supporters and friends of the firm.

Some Cases in Point*

  • Our attorneys defended the controlling shareholders and business in one of Boston's most high-profile family shareholder disputes. The action, involving a renowned restaurant chain, was favorably resolved for the clients on the eve of trial. In this litigation, we created a rarely used in Massachusetts Special Litigation Committee. The findings of that Committee enabled the dismissal of several claims and paved the way for the beneficial settlement.
  • We represented a real estate company's majority shareholders and senior officers, who had bought out two minority shareholders only six weeks before and sold the company at twice the per-share price they paid the minority shareholders. In one of the first written decisions issued by the Suffolk County Superior Court Business Litigation Session (van Gestel, J.), our attorneys prevailed with a dismissal of the action and an upholding of the enforceability of the waivers and releases that the minority shareholders had signed when they agreed to sell their stock.
  • Our firm's attorneys successfully resolved a series of disputes among members of the group Boston, a highly successful rock band. Prior to settlement, we obtained an order from a United States District Court that all records be "stickered" to show the contribution to the album made by one of the band members. A platinum record from the record company hangs in our office in recognition of our efforts.
  • Our lawyers successfully represented a minority shareholder in another notable family business involving claims of fraud, misappropriation, breach of fiduciary duties and excess compensation. When it appeared that our efforts would result in a trial on issues of corporate oppression of the minority shareholder and even control of the corporation, a substantial buyout of the client's interests was obtained. We are pursuing similar claims in the courts of Rhode Island for the largest individual shareholder in a company once ranked as the largest company in New England and which remains one of the largest companies in the state.
  • Sweder & Ross attorneys defended a claim of a "freeze-out" by one of the cofounders of a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The plaintiff settled his action against the company immediately after his cross-examination in a jury trial. This settlement ultimately enabled the remaining shareholders to ultimately de-list the company and sell the company for a significant sum.

*The results obtained in these cases were dependent on the specific facts of each case. These results are presented for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee that we can obtain similar results for you.