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Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets Disputes

Boston Intellectual Property Disputes and Trade Secret Attorneys

Many of our cases have involved intellectual property and trade secret disputes in a variety of fields. Our ability to master the subject matter of these cases in the context of a business litigation dispute has served our clients well.

Some Cases in Point*

  • We recently tried a case involving the claim that a certain technique for trading Dow futures contracts and related products on the Chicago Board of Trade was a trade secret which was misappropriated by our clients who were former employees of the plaintiff. In defending against the zealous efforts of a major financial institution, our ability to simplify for the Court the technique involved proved highly successful. The Court's ruling was a complete victory for our clients.
  • Our attorneys litigated a license dispute in an arbitration proceeding involving a technology related to the treatment of AIDS against a major California biotechnology firm. Some time after a successful settlement was reached, counsel for the opposing party hired Sweder & Ross LLP attorneys for assistance in an unrelated case.
  • Our lawyers represented a client who had invented and licensed surgical laser technology to a division of one of the country’s largest pharmaceutical firms. A dispute between the parties was heavily litigated in arbitration. A significant arbitration award was obtained for the client.

*The results obtained in these cases were dependent on the specific facts of each case. These results are presented for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee that we can obtain similar results for you.