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Financial Services Disputes

Boston Financial Services Dispute Attorneys

Sweder & Ross attorneys have long dealt with disputes involving financial services, representing both financial services institutions and those opposing them. One of our attorneys was the General Counsel and then CEO of a substantial financial institution. Our attorneys have been involved with cases involving banks, insurance companies, funds, investment bankers and directors, officers and trustees of various entities.

Some Cases in Point*

  • Sweder & Ross attorneys represented a nationwide mortgage banker in a $75 Million dispute with a government agency concerning lending and selling practices. After intensive federal court litigation, the client received a full defendant’s judgment and all claims were dismissed.
  • Sweder & Ross attorneys represented one of the largest financial institutions in Massachusetts in enforcing its rights against four other banks on a $45 Million letter-of-credit intrabank lending agreement. After litigation in three states, the client collected 100% of the amount due to it.
  • Sweder & Ross represented the individual employees of the investment management arm of one of Boston's major financial institutions in a "lift out" whereby their limited liability company became affiliated with another company.
  • Sweder & Ross defended individual clients in an action in a federal court in New York in which a major investment banking firm was accused of fraud, breaches of fiduciary duties and other claims in connection with the acquisition of Sweder & Ross' clients' business. Although a substantial settlement was reached with other defendants, all of the claims against the Sweder & Ross clients were dismissed without any settlement or payment by them.
  • Sweder & Ross represented a venture capital firm in its efforts to remove a Manager of the limited liability company. Although the LLC Operating Agreement contained no apparent clause allowing removal, Sweder & Ross was successful in an action to remove the Manager.
  • When a major financial institution sued a Sweder & Ross client regarding a guarantee signed over 14 years prior to the suit, our attorneys raised the issue of statute of limitations and obtained a court order preventing the bank in question from obtaining interest on the money owed because of its unreasonable delay in commencing action. As a result, the client was able to obtain a favorable settlement.

*The results obtained in these cases were dependent on the specific facts of each case. These results are presented for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee that we can obtain similar results for you.