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Corporate Governance Disputes

Boston Corporate Governance Dispute Attorneys

Control over a business entity and the proper conduct of officers and directors are often disputed. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in litigating and resolving such disputes.

Some Cases in Point*

  • After the law firm serving as corporate counsel was found to have a conflict of interest in representing a large privately-held corporation against a minority shareholder after a year of litigation, Sweder & Ross was brought in by the Board of Directors as litigation counsel. The dissenting shareholder had raised numerous issues of corporate governance and had raised objections to the conduct of the corporation and its independent non-family directors. Sweder & Ross prevailed in Court on preliminary injunction and ultimately in dismissing most of the shareholder's claims. Sweder & Ross worked closely with corporate counsel to quickly take control of the litigation and devise a new strategy which resulted in the dissenting shareholder being compelled to sell his interest to the company within four months of Sweder & Ross being retained.
  • Sweder & Ross attorneys challenged the conduct of the lender/majority shareholder of a technology company on behalf of the founders of a company who had become minority shareholders. Litigation resulted in a favorable buy-out of the founders.
  • Sweder & Ross is representing the largest single shareholder of one of Rhode Island's biggest privately held companies in an action involving claims of breaches of fiduciary duties by officers and directors in the running of the company and the awarding of compensation and dividends.

*The results obtained in these cases were dependent on the specific facts of each case. These results are presented for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee that we can obtain similar results for you.