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Accounting and Legal Malpractice Disputes

Boston Accounting and Legal Malpractice Dispute Attorneys

Our attorneys have recently scored major successes for our clients in accounting and legal malpractice and fraud disputes.

Some Cases in Point*

  • Our clients received shares of a publicly traded telecom company when their own company was acquired by it. The acquisition occurred after our clients received assurances from a major accounting firm concerning the telecom company’s financial statements. After a major legal battle in an out-of-state federal court, our attorneys obtained a settlement for our clients which would rank as one of the top settlements of the year in a civil case in Massachusetts.
  • Our attorneys recently mediated the settlement of a claim against a major law firm involving the advice given by the firm in connection with a tax shelter. The approaches taken by Sweder & Ross allowed our clients to obtain a settlement in an amount which was many times that which other clients of the same firm receiving the same advice were able to obtain.
  • Sweder & Ross represented a financial group in claims which arose out of an abusive tax shelter promoted by one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. After mediation, Sweder & Ross obtained for the clients amounts which far exceeded what others who used the same tax strategy obtained from the accounting firm by participating in a class action settlement.
  • A client, who was represented by prior counsel, lost an action based upon a claim of fraud arising out of an acquisition of his company. Sweder & Ross was able to obtain a substantial settlement for legal malpractice for the client against the law firm representing him in that acquisition.

*The results obtained in these cases were dependent on the specific facts of each case. These results are presented for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee that we can obtain similar results for you.