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Firm Overview

Massachusetts Business Litigation Attorneys

Sweder & Ross LLP has a wealth of experience in dealing with highly complex and formidable business litigation problems, in and out of the courtroom, in a wide variety of business fields.

We understand business and businesspeople. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our clients and to understand and achieve the result that is best for them.

Our only agenda is to serve the best interests of our clients. We do not overstaff or overwork cases. We do bring to bear in every case, the creativity, efficiency, tenacity and experience which has served our clients so well. We have a strategic alliance with an excellent firm to give us great flexibility and the capability to handle matters of virtually any size. We offer all of our clients thorough research and analysis, candid evaluations at every critical juncture, passionate advocacy and the skill and judgment in the courtroom developed over years of experience.

After practice and partnership in firms ranging from small to medium to a major Wall Street firm and experience in government and business, we established Sweder & Ross in 1999 to enable us to practice law and utilize our skills in the best possible way for us and for our clients. At Sweder & Ross, we have done the finest and most satisfying work of our careers and have never been more gratified with the opportunity of helping our clients successfully resolve problems for which they have sought our help.